Friday, June 6, 2008

A Special Kid in My Heart

one person in my life that is really special in my life is my nephew Jason ha has been in our lifes for almost 2 years. . He has gone through and gotten over lots of obstacles and he is just Eleven months. He is special in my life because he cheers people up with his little cute face and make people happy with his cute smile on his face

June 5th a Special Day In My Life

June 5th is a special day in my life because it’s my birthday yesterday I turned 17. Yesterday I felt very happy because I received calls all day from friends and family. The best call that I received yesterday was the call that I received in the morning it was my best friend; her to me is everything she’s there when I need her and I am there when she needs me. I have known her since the 6th grade and we have been best friends since then. I love her a lot she’s like a sister to hope and me that our friend ship goes on until the end of our lives. One thing that I like about her is that she will listen to you with out making fun of you; she talks to you with honesty and never puts you down
Even though yesterday I felt happy I felt sad as well because last year in my birthday I lost someone I loved with all my heart I lost my god father, he was there every birthday I had he would always play his guitar and sing me happy birthday and I would cry of happiness but it was until June 5th 2007 that I cried but to say good bye to him forever a big part of my heart was taken that day but one thing is that I will always remember him the same way he loved me I was always his little girl and now he is my angel in heaven that even though he is not here, we remember him.%~LoVe yOu~%

Thursday, June 5, 2008

My Thoughts

In this class I have pushed myself to do my best and overcome my shyness in the streets with strangers. I normally don’t talk with nobody that I don’t know I just talk to my friends and people I know and i am around with most of my time. For this two weeks that we have been on this class I have tried and I have overcome a little of my shyness I have met and talked new people that have gone with me in this school but I had never met them or talk with them for this whole year, now I talk to the freshmen, and some seniors and its amazing how this class has helped me. To overcome this shyness I didn’t try my best but I tried to speak but I just couldn’t, maybe because I knew that my voice would be recorded while interviewing and I don like how my voice sounds in a recorder, but even though I have tried I haven’t overcome my shyness.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Our Visit to Castro Street

While visiting Castro Street I felt weird I had never been there before, people would just turn and see us differently. Walking in the Castro community there was a variety of different stores, I mostly saw men and men’s stores and some others different stores that you don’t see in the Oakland community. While we were looking for people to interview we went in to all different kinds of stores and there was all different kinds of people, thee people were nice and allowed us to interview them.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Lake Merrit Walk

Our walk to lake merit was long; we walked a lot even though we took the bus. I thought the lake merit community was going to be the same as what I am used to seeing but it was different, the people were different the places were different in way that there were a lot of cafe shops, food stores and groceries stores, I saw Safeway, Walgreen’s, trader Joes, star bucks, subway this was all like in two blocks. People there were nice they were interested in the interviews we had to do and were able to answer all the questions wed asked them. after finishing our interviews we went to a rose garden, this garden was really pretty it was full of roses of different colors and sizes, there were trees all around and a pond, there were birds around and you could smell the freshens before getting there we walked by this house who had his garden decorated with rocks and it looked really nice he told us he had made them him self.

Monday, June 2, 2008

Visiting Old oakland farmers market

When we got to Old Oakland Farmers market I thought it looked like Chinatown, there were many Chinese people there buying fruits and vegetables and other products, but there were also more people of different race. In the market there were all kinds of people selling product I say Asian people selling bread, fruits, I saw African Americans selling t shirts and other things and I even saw a Latino selling tamales and another selling ice-cream and water.One thing that I realized was that most things there were kind of expensive and there were not that many things that I like for me there were mostly selling cherries and strawberries. After being in the farmers market for a while we went to lake merit and we had a fun day by getting up on peddle boats I really enjoyed and I got really tired.

Friday, May 30, 2008

Our Visit to Rock ridge

Before visiting Rock ridge I thought it was going to be not to different than east Oakland but it was. Rock ridge was somewhat similar and somewhat different than Oakland but Rock ridge was more like hippier, there were not many diversity I mainly saw Asians and white people. Some similarities between Rock ridge and Oakland was that there was tagging on some walls, there was homeless people on the streets and there was a lot of traffic on streets some differences that I saw between Oakland and Rock ridge was that there were lots of boutiques, book stores, hair salons, and Farmers markets and the streets were clean and had benches on every sidewalk we walked through and people were nice and polite when we interviewed them.